Exercise 31

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If you have not already done so, download Avogadro for free and watch the tutorials if necessary.

Caffeine is metabolized by the liver and it is transformed in three different compounds:

  • paraxanthine, 84% yield, a metabolite which stimulates lipolysis and increases the concentration of glycerol and fatty acids in the blood;
  • theobromine, 12% yield, a vasodilator. Its action increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and muscles;
  • theophylline, 4% yield, which increases the heart rate and alters the strength of muscle contraction

Launch Avogadro and open three pages. Import the caffeine molecule and its metabolites (sequence File→ import→ fetch by chemical name). Compare the molecules and their structures. By comparing their molecular mass (sequence View → Properties), what do you notice?

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