Learning Chemistry?

The project YesWeChem® is born from the awareness that the learning and teaching of Chemistry are completely changed in the last two decades, and now there are new instruments and thrilling new

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry have had an astonishing advancement and it is now possible using one’s personal device
seeing and doing something that would have been unthinkable until a few years ago.

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Learning and teaching Chemistry with Avogadro means using a powerful tool – which is already essential for those doing research from the lowest to the highest tier.
Avogadro simulate the molecules’ behaviour and proprieties, thus allowing learners and teachers to ‘touch’ theory, and to have a laboratory experience without using reagents.

The team of YesWeChem® is formed by teachers, authors of text- and coursebooks, chemists and enthusiasts of this wonderful science.

If you are a teacher and need customized contents for your class, of if you want to suggest us to add or examine in greater depth a topic, feel free to contact us!

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